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Meet The Leadership Team


Frank Urban


Mobile: (787) 508-1090


Frank Urban is co-founder and President of FY Logistics. With over 20 years of dedication to the transportation and logistics industry, he has gained experience along with multifaceted and managerial positions.

Urban was able to commence his career with Horizon Lines where he was granted the opportunity to grow, excel and provide 11 years of service within the operations and sales division. He gained vast knowledge and expertise in the domestic and international trade, while increasing operational efficiencies and maintaining quality service and support.

Later, he joined TOTE Maritime of Puerto Rico and continued to advance in sales management. During the six years he worked for the company, he planned, organized and managed sales personnel to develop and gain new business for the two new LNG vessel arrivals.

Later on, Urban proceeded to accept the role of General Manager for the Puerto Rico Terminal. Within this role, he was in charge of overseeing the port arrival of over eleven global and domestic steamship lines. Urban expanded his portfolio by increasing his exposure to administration of operational, commercial and PnL. He led the helm for several years with superior leadership and management during his tenure with Puerto Rico Terminals.

Transportation and logistics till this day remains being Urban’s passion. Likewise, providing excellent service remains being his mission.

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